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Oh, hi there…

My name is Shelby and I’m addicted to The Sims 3. I’m making progress, though.  I mean, once I was addicted to The Sims 2, and before that, The Sims.  The Sims 3 is definitely a step up from either of those. ;)

I started this blog, because, to be honest, I didn’t think that all of the things that I write, etc that have to do with The Sims are necessarily appropriate for thesims3.com – and also because, as much as I love TS3, I really hate the fact that EA completely stripped out in-game story editing.   Since I have to do it “the hard way” regardless of whether I do it on their site or my own, I might as well have my own.

At least here, I can save drafts…

I also figured that I might as well have a place to share the little goodies that I make for The Sims.    Sure, maybe no one will ever see them, or download them, but … oh well.  :)

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