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Things I Love (and Hate) About Late Night!

Love in an elevator

Love in an elevator!

I’ve been having a blast with the latest expansion, Late Night.   There’s all kinds of interesting and new little things for your sims to do, including “Woohoo” in the elevators.     Of course, being rated “Teen,”  that elevator door snaps shut pretty much just after that point where one sim struts over to the other like that.   But, still… there’s Woohoo in the elevators!

Mix it up!

Mixing it up!

In addition, there’s also the new “Mixology” skill.    Get your skills high enough, and your sim will do some pretty fancy moves … ever seen the movie “Cocktail?”  :P  (Shit, I think I just dated myself, there.  Oh well!)  And, once your skill is high enough you can also make new drinks, and even give them names.   In fact, one of the new opportunities that can pop up for a sim is to name a drink after a sim who’s feeling a little blue.   Not really paying too much attention I tried just directly naming the drink the same as the sim in question,  and found out afterwards that that didn’t quite work, and as a result I’ve got a drink my sim makes called “Mick’s Mick Situp.”  (haha. Mix it up.  Cute, EA. Very cute.)   You can name your drinks after any sim you like, once you’ve created new ones, though.  Kind of a flattering little thing – maybe not quite as nice as having a star named after you, though.

While you’re at a bar, you can even moonlight as the mixologist.   Interestingly enough, I also discovered that your sim can dance on the bar if she (or he?) is so inclined.   I happened to notice this in … what’s that sports bar type place in Bridgeport again? You know, the one with the girls who are vaguely reminiscent of Hooters girls, in their green uniforms … and all of them with … er…. epic chests?  Anyway.  I noticed it in that bar, when one of said Hootersesque girls hopped up on the bar in front of my sim and started shaking her little simmy butt.    I also discovered that sims can dance on tables.  In their “sleepwear” even, and well, Late Night does come packed with some cute and slightly risque sleepwear.  See below.

Yeah Yeah... who cares about her head?!

Yeah, yeah... who cares about her head?!

So… the things I hate about Late Night?  Well, I resent the fact that opportunities pop up to visit places that your sims can not get to.  Like, say, Doopeas Corporate Towers – which is not even in Bridgeport.   I’m not necessarily a fan of the vampire bite mark overlay that you get on your sim’s neck if you opt to get them to befriend a vampire and ask to be turned.   Or that you seem to generate a lot of … negative responses if you happen to be a vampire and a celebrity.

Speaking of celebrities.  If your sim happens to be one, and they get a little too flirty with a sim who is not their partner, even if their partner is nowhere in the vicinity, chances are, they’re still going to be caught.   Not directly by their partner, but, perhaps by the paparazzi, who are more than happy to put that juicy tidbit in the gossip section of the local newspaper.   So, you flirt a little bit with some vampire, and next thing you know, people are scowling at you everywhere you go, not only because you were cheating, but because you were cheating with an occult sim!

Or you know, woohooing in an elevator with an occult sim.  Whatever.

And the last thing(s) that makes me less of a fan of Late Night than I might be is this:  few to none of my favorite mods are updated.   :(   To those that have already updated, you have my most sincere and hearty thanks!  To those of you who are working on it, again, thank you so much.  To those of you who have apparently disappeared off the face of the earth, HALP! :( I miss my mods! :)

ETA:  The mods I use include AwesomeMod (which I am sure is being updated, and is in testing phase at the moment!) for Story Progression and general cleanup functions, as well as things like non-psychic police who don’t arrest teenagers for being out past curfew unless they actually SEE them out past curfew.   Do I cheat with mods? Sure.  But you can cheat without mods, too.  ;)

I have never cheated with my Legacy families.  What would be the point in that? :(  The fun of the Legacy Challenge is… the challenge! :D

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