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Holy Genetic Randomness Batman!


Isabelle... No, you can't call her Belle, and certainly NOT Bella.

This is Isabelle, and she is probably the prettiest teenager I have ever seen in my game, as produced via the random genetic combination of her parent sims.   Seriously.  And it’s not just the eyes, or the super fair skin that I love about her, at all.   (Both of her parents were vampires, however, at least as a teen, she is not technically a vampire.  She has normal sim needs, and does not do that blurry high-speed running thing that her parents do.)

She’s an excitable sim… and brave.   She’s also got a photographer’s eye, and is, apparently, a klepto.  o.O Whoops.  I guess I shouldn’t have forced her age transitions, if I’d wanted control over her traits.  :P

But, she’s so damn pretty I bet she can charm her way right out of ever being in any kind of serious trouble.    ;)

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