NatalieNatalie: The Exchange | Mediafire (.sims3pack)
Custom Content:
Skirt: Mediafire (Made by me.)
Skintone: LadyFrontBum’s “Naughty” Default.
Makeup: Plump lipstick by Channy & Vivin.
Other Information: Young Adult. Natalie is extracted from the sim who is at least half responsible for the genetic “material” that makes up Isabelle. While in my game they are all vampires (except that Isabelle won’t officially turn until she is a young adult), I made sure to “de-vamp” them for those that don’t have Late Night, or just don’t want vampires. If you do have Late Night, and want to turn them, they both make very pretty vampires. ;)


Isabelle - The Non-Vampy EditionIsabelle: The Exchange | Mediafire (.sims3pack)
Custom Content:
Top: Mediafire. (Made by me.)
Note: You must own the EA Store item “Tear Through This (Teen)” for this to work in your game. All that I did in terms of editing this one was to remove the built-in gloves.
Skintone: LadyFrontBum’s “Naughty” Default.
Eyebrows: daluved1 – 2 Shady Brows Converted.
Other Information: Teen. Isabelle is one of the very few born-in-game sims that I have ever had who wasn’t in some way or another kind of fugly. :P I like to think that her mother is a very pretty sim – and, being that she’s at least halfway responsible for what Isabelle looks like… well. Yay for pretty born-in-game sims. That’s a really rare occurrence for me.

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