• Garden of Shadows – a Sims community that I love to lurk at. Some amazing downloads can be found here, as well as some really fun, interesting, awesome… real people! :o You can find me there as luvpoptartz. ^_^
  • My Sims 3 Blog – one hell of an amazing updates blog!
  • Lady Frontbum – makes beautiful non-default and default skin tones!
  • Mod The Sims – a site full of great stuff by many different creators.
  • Club Crimsyn – Aikea Guinea’s & Gelydh’s site.  Full of win. :P
  • NRaas Industries – MasterController, DebugEnabler, The Woohooer.   Amazing and useful mods. :)
  • My Blue Book – Hair, Accessories.
  • CAZY – Hair. Some conversions, some originals. TS2/TS3.
  • Ephemera – beautiful default face replacements… How I’m wishing for the bodies to go with them! ;)
  • Candy Lover – All sorts of different things – the Candles in Glass set is really cute. As is pretty much everything Candy Lover makes!

List subject to change.  ;)

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